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The Organic Church

Posted by admin on December 5th, 2007

This is the must-read book for anyone who wants to go beyond the bounds of traditional church practices. Keep in mind that the author writes from experience. What he has written, he has practiced and proven. This includes the raising up of organic churches. In the first century, the organic church was the only kind of church there was. Read The Organic Church and discover a premise never before set forth.

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The Organic Church vs. The "New Testament" Church

by Gene Edwards

The most sacred of all cows is now challenged . . . the need of a "New Testament" church. Here is the New Testament church, i.e. the church that is organic. When the early churches were being formed, there was no New Testament in existence. Here is a new wrinkle on the evangelical brain—a totally new, better, and more scriptural way for the church to be born and to grow. The organic church, one that is wonderful, exciting and natural to God’s people, and totally different to the way churches are raised up in modern times. There is a DNA of the church, and when she is raised up organically, she is a living creature, not a structure—the church spontaneous.

The reason for this book: to bring to us a totally new beginning for the body of Christ.